September 13th, 2015

Change is happening all around me,

An ever flowing river, constant and surrounding as the sea,

Change or get left behind,

Change or get accused of a closed mind.


Change in itself has become the ultimate goal,

Neglecting the change’s effect on the soul,

You see when we change we are still the same,

Gender, sexuality, religion, name.


It’s all the same, just a mask for the same game.

Changing anything is the religion we proclaim,

But what ever happened to proclaiming Jesus’ name?

From the mountain, in the valley, in your place of work,

In the places of darkness, sadness, loneliness, hurt.


See Jesus was there at creation, there at man’s first fall,

With Noah, Abraham, Saul, the best and worst of them all,

He was there to take away the sin of the world,

He will be there for the church, His bride, His pearl.


When all this comes to an end,

It will start with the Messiah that God sent,

He’ll come with trumpet sound,

He’ll be there on the quaking ground.


See Jesus is the Alpha and the omega, he doesn’t change,

It is us who need to be formed into the likeness of He who does not change!

When we change without knowing in to what image we are becoming,

We all just become deaf and blind, taking a drug from which we become numb.


The only change us and others should see is the body being sanctified,

Afresh, anew, leaving our old selves at the place where Jesus died.

It hurts, growing pains, changing happening again and again,

Being sanded back, refined, purified, the most beautiful pain.


He is the beginning, and the end, and everything in between,

He is the One through whom we are truly clean.

Messiah, Saviour, but most importantly, Lord,

The One who said no to the sword,

For His word is sharper, cuts to the core of everything and everyone,

Change is here to stay, but as for me, it is in conformation to the Son.


I’ll Wait

January 7th, 2015

I will wait upon You all my days, to be filled by Your vine.

To know the sweetness of undeserved grace, of love divine.

Only of Your cup shall I drink,

In none but the sea of grace shall I sink.


This love is simple yet much to comprehend,

The Creator also the Lamb sent.

Tis no other way but to fear Your hand,

To give all You have given me, for nothing is mine to have.


Still waters run deep, but only Yours are forever,

Make the servant the master, the unwise clever.

That you would bear my cross breaks me every day,

For each and every soul, lest the devastation of hell fade.


Come, nourish me for all my days,

There is no fulfilment apart from Your ways.

No other do I so thirst for,

Never do I need ask for more.


You are the water of life,

Filling me from the inside,

Until I burst with Your glory,

Your Spirit’s out pouring.


An all sufficient source,

Making me burst forth,

Telling of Your might,

Your power my sight.


As I believe in You, so come the flowing waters,

Whosoever believes in You, is Your Son, Your daughter.

As I drink from You, I become a spring,

A well of eternity, completeness that You alone bring.


Ryan Lane 2015

Lonely Star

November 12th, 2014

 Lonely star, I see you there,

Observer from afar; does anyone care?

No one knows, no one feels the way you do,

Won’t let it show, no one knows what you’ve been through.


Been to hell, experienced the worst of the world,

Truly fell for the beauty of gold and girls.

Life wasn’t quite what you thought it’d be,

Lights not as bright, nothing left in which to believe.


The result is clear, if only to my eyes,

Overrun by fear, wondering if there is anything but lies.

Your light is dim, ever heading towards the dark,

Optimism wearing thin, disappointment leaves its mark.


But you’re not done yet, not completely given over,

Wipe away those tears, wait for spring, my clover.

These ashes can be reformed, shattered pieces un-broken,

Life in the aftermath of the storm, the gambler’s last token.


So lay your weary head in these enveloping arms,

I know all that’s been said and done to cause this harm.

I’ve cried with you every time a new scar would appear,

I’ll make all things new, cast light on your dark fear.


Lonely star, don’t give in, for a new dawn is here,

A time for new beginnings, wiping away every tear.

For here is life, love, in its everlasting affection,

Nothing remains but unending, unabated perfection.


Ryan Lane 2014


September 18th, 2014

There is a beauty, a mystery, a profundity about the person of Jesus, equalled or surpassed by none. This is simply because none other has been the Incarnate Son.

The God I Know

September 18th, 2014

I am in absolute love with the God I know, and yet as much in love with His wealth of character that I do not yet, or may never, this side of heaven, know.

Ryan Lane 2014

Undivided Heart- Based on Ezekiel 11:19

July 14th, 2014


Saviour, Lord of all, my foundation,

My Father who loved before I was my parents’ thought.

So many things try to capture my heart.

Claim the salvation of souls so fiercely sought.


But I am Yours, as You are mine,

To love one another with heart, soul and mind.

From this day forth I declare no other,

Takes the place of the Saviour brother.


Idols destroyed, all else but loss,

Clinging to none but the One who hung on the Cross.

The Saviour who was also the lamb,

The King most High who became the lowliest man.


Forgot all dignity, became love in its harshest form,

Sacrifice more severe than any other could perform.

I humbly declare naught remains in my heart but the Eternal One.

All material forgotten in the name of the Worthy Son.


 Ryan Lane 2014

I am nothing

July 7th, 2014

I am nothing without You in my heart,

An untapped void, an unwatered seed,

Finished before the start.


My wholeness is not without You,

An illusion of the mind,

A lie thought to be truth.


I shrink inward without Your water,

Starve without Your daily bread,

Search for the treasure most sought.


I know not whether it be creation,

Or whether it be nurture,

Or if culmination forms the ideation.


For You are the artist of every canvas,

Every distinguishing feature,

The molecules, strokes, stanzas.


As inescapable as the atmosphere,

Yet addictive like no other,

Not a drug, but serenity when You are near.


Still I cry “draw near!” when you never left,

Claim I found You when You weren’t hiding,

Mourning when there is none to be bereft.


Thought I loved something other than you,

But You are in everything,

Thus it was You I pursued.


Though not the ideal of true worship,

The emptiness drew me back,

Hallejuia once again on my tongue’s tip.


Everywhere, everyone, everything, eternal,

Not to be kept; simply shared and known,

This abounding, magnificent kernel.


Ryan Lane 2014

This is not the life for me

March 27th, 2014

This is not the life for me,

This life of hoarded treasure.

To take all, to give nothing,

Above all to pursue one’s pleasure.

It all becomes empty after a while,

Finding meaning in one’s self.

I only found loneliness,

In amongst material wealth.


I was told to create my own purpose,

For that was á la mode.

Apparently man is capable of his own joy,

The decipherer of his own code.

For there is no eternal life,

Nothing beyond the grave.

For apparently we came from nothing,

So there is nothing by which to be saved.


Yet there is talk of Gods,

Though no longer identified by that name.

Now we are the captains of our fate,

Each our own height of fame.

For what starts with self, ends with self,

The beginning and the end.

Post modernity the new wisdom,

From deep within this truth was sent.


But this is not the life for me,

For there is a nagging inside.

Feels like fate calling,

Somehow it’s what I’ve tried to hide.

It tells me I was born for a purpose,

Born for something more.

Tells me I am headed somewhere,

And this life determines if it is sky or the floor.


I follow this guy called Jesus,

He’s been around for a while.

He came to die for those,

Who dealt him his exile.

He says the only way to live,

Is to give up your life.

To live by that,

Which your core tells you is right.


For that same man,

Who hung on the cross,

Was the one who formed you,

He is the living God.

Follow Him every day of your life,

Spread the Good News.

For that is what He made us for,

And it is up to us to choose.


Where we will spend our eternity,

For it will come all the same.

Will you spend your life making yourself happy,

Or raising the name above all names?


Ryan Lane 2014

Being Filled

January 28th, 2014

We speak of being ‘filled’ with the Holy Spirit; should we not empty our humanity first-not partially, not by half, but totally, completely.

Ryan Lane 2014

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January 24th, 2014

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