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Thou art mine perfect love

December 10th, 2012

Thou art mine perfect love, with me night and day,
Embracing me in the harvest, protecting from the waves.
Thou were there long ago, ere the Universe was made,
Thinking of me, my life, that will help the World be saved.

I’ve loved Thou with my whole heart, since Thou camest to me,
Became flesh in my life, became a light for all to see.
Now and forever, I call Thou my own,
Esteemed highest in my heart, on the most majestic of thrones.

Thou art the sweetest voice, sing to my soul,
Making me come alive, making my service whole.
Thou art my honour, my sword and my shield,
Blade in my dagger, medicine by which I’m healed.

Thou art my cathedral, my place of true praise,
Thy heart is my true home, now and always.
Thou art my ship’s sails, guiding me home,
There at the finish line, companion when I’m alone.

Thou art my anthem, Thy Word the melody,
Beating in time with mine heart, my covenant, my decree.
As I awake in the morning, or lay to rest at night,
Thou art my sweetest dreams, Thou art my sight.

Ryan Lane 2012

Lay Down

November 17th, 2012

I lay everything at the foot of the cross, Your deathbed of glory.
My past thanks for the Sun, as well as the hurting tears of fury.
The times I glorified Your will, the times I questioned how such majesty could hurt;
Each time you witnessed my fluttering emotions, followed by words that were hollow or curt.

You knew each time I cursed Your loving ways,
You knew that I’d be back adoring and longing for Your saving grace.
She is my Christmas gift that shall last me all my years;
She is the penetrating sound falling on deaf ears.

So now my past is lain at Your feet, as a reminder of love divine;
Now I lay the untrodden path of the future, whose present of discovery is mine.
I lay my calling of servitude, glorifying the name of You;
I lay down my job, my career; being a light where you place me in the hemisphere.

I lay down my children, my grandchildren and generations furthermore; Lord I pray that You will be the one they know nearly and adore.
And I lay down the topic which is on my mind constantly; I know the day is not too far away when I receive the gift I pursue fervently.

I lay down my wife, whoever she may be; may we love You more than anything beyond the Earth and Sea.
All of these things I give You, for they are Yours truly; but I thank You that they’ll come to me duly.

Ryan Lane 2012

Destination Unknown

September 21st, 2012

I’m waiting for the train to destination unknown; a place where I’m a stranger yet I feel at home.
Familiarity is killing me slowly inside; meekness is seen as weakness and it’s encouraged to have pride.

All my plans are crumbling before my eyes- before the eyes that no longer search for reasons why.
When did it happen, this resentment and confusion? When did assuredness seem an illusion?

I’ve forgotten who I am and who God made me to be; I see miracles and yet I feel drowned by the Red Sea.
The theology and teaching of Jesus Christ now seem like foreign doctrine that I no longer abide by.

I’ve lost sense of what is bad and good, and as a result I’ve become what I said I never would:
A hypocrite, a prisoner of lust, craving all that shall turn to dust.

Yet I feel unwilling to regress to who I was and to recognise the Cross,
As the place where mine own sins were paid for,
Where God ripped out karma and placed justice and mercy at my core.

The evil one is still defeated; the throne of my heart still has Christ seated.
I’d lost my way but I am returning, with a change in mind and heart and a spiritual yearning.

Ryan Lane 2012


June 30th, 2012

I repent, Lord, for I realize the error of my ways,
Despite recognition before my sinful tendencies want to stay.
So although this repentance is one of many that have been and shall come,
The willingness my old self has to back track never ceases to stun.

My safety nets have torn, my wonderwall collapsed,
Yesterday’s redemption fades away as my addictions relapse.
There are times when my resistance fails and seems weakened for the next attack,
But maybe I’m realizing your supernatural power is what I lack.

When focused on you with my eye on the goal,
I excel, everything is well, and I feel whole.
It is only when my eyes divert and my ears deter,
From the wise counsel and sense of Your word.

O’ Lord, create in me a clean heart.
I probably have a record for the most false starts.
But oh Lord I am a sinful man for being blind despite being given sight,
For questioning the morals I know to be right.

My vision seems clouded, so let the Sun penetrate through,
Provide for me manna when I try to supply my own food.
I need not your superior knowledge to recognize my short comings,
I need not to be told I have no sensation when I feel numbing.

I need someone to hear my prayers and give me wise instruction,
I need supernatural intervention before I become my own destruction.
I need You, O’ Lord,
I need You, and nothing more.

Ryan Lane 2012

Sinful Man

June 26th, 2012

Oh my Lord I am a sinful man,
But I promise I’m doing all I can.
To leave my old ways behind me,
And let love shine from me brightly.

But my old self just doesn’t like letting go,
Of the fact that you are the star of the show.
It’s a change of heart and a change of mind,
It’s discovering the gem that some spend their lives trying to find.

I’ve been born again and given a chance to live for,
So much more than we could have wasted our lives living for.
Sometimes I need rescuing from myself before you,
But slowly my night is being intruded by your hue.

I wanna be a light for you,
I wanna die to myself.
Let my heart melt in your presence,
Because I wanna be a light for you.

Ryan Lane 2012

upside down Kingdom

June 26th, 2012

I preach for the stars, with words as empty as my heart.
Calling on your grace to give your bride a new start.
Now that unity is a priority, as it should have always been,
Suddenly our loving attitudes have meaning.

Oh Lord you have opened our hearts and mind,
To the darkened areas of service to which we were blind.
At times we choose to love although we don’t like,
In this upside down Kingdom that none other is alike.

For now awakening has come in the morning,
After the pain caused by the night’s mourning.
We realise the error of our ways,
And call once again on your saving grace,

That we so heavily relied on before the light was realised,
And we shall continue to rely on as your Church of faith arises.

Ryan Lane 2012

The time is now

June 26th, 2012

There’s songs arising from these burnt lips,
Emotion from the unprecedented kiss.

There’s talents being realised,
Sinful ways pushed aside.

There’s saints uprising,
Finding serving appetizing.

There’s a youth denying convention,
Saints serving a sinner’s detention.

There’s a guilty World turning back,
On the apocalypse we nearly had.

There’s a generation awakened,
Death’s sting taken.

There’s a time for dreams to come true,
On the horizon’s hue.

There’s a time for dream to become reality,
And time is now.

Ryan Lane 2012


May 13th, 2012

Heaven is like a rainbow, where skin makes the colours after the hellish rain that is Earth and the Sun that is eternity.

Ryan Lane 2012


May 13th, 2012

I’m at the back of the room,too afraid to speak,cos I no longer have a purpose to seek. Jesus, SOS.

Ryan Lane 2012

What have I become

February 29th, 2012

What have I become, but another willingly burnt victim of the Sun?
Choosing religion over relation, and false fact over creation.
Denying my soul it’s will, and leaving its fragments in its view on a sill.
The chalice clean, but my addictions unseen, creating songs without a theme.
The Creator’s most loved bride has its population filled by those who have died whilst alive.
This place could’ve been paradise, but now it’s a resting place for weary eyes.
The young considered too immature, and yet there are no footprints on the immaculate floor.
So where did we go wrong?

Stop, rewind. Now play.

Here we are at the World’s creation, God’s first destination.
The Earth hasn’t been tested or tried, and a baby’s first tear hasn’t been cried.
All is perfect, all is well, and there is no such thing as hell.
Then man came, then mandates, then wars started by debates.
God sacrificed perfection, out of nothing but pure affection.
Towards a sinful race, who believe spontaneous combustions over a distant face.
The same intelligence that proves the Universe, won’t believe the subject of a Biblical verse.
They say Christians are deluded for believing in a Creator, but is it logical for elements to have more power than a delegator?
Atheism disproved, faith improved, and yet still some don’t have a clue,
How blessed we are to be loved by He, who only asks us to bow at His feet.
To say we are His for as long as we live, then eternity to us, He shall give.
It’s simplicity we need to return to, and to let his life be one we pursue.

Ryan Lane 2012