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Commenting on “Losing Our Way”

July 25th, 2010

Dear Ryan,

Greetings in the precious name of Jesus! Thank you so much for sharing your poetry.

And the distance between here and Heaven is getting thinner.

What a good word, and a reminder of the glory we have in Christ Jesus! Praying that He would continue to anoint you as a communicator of the gospel! He’s so worthy of it. Praying that He would use you powerfully in an age where being a teenager is not easy – those who don’t know Him have no idea what they’re missing!

In Him,

Alyssa DeGraff
Last Days Ministries

Keith Green (Lyrics)

July 20th, 2010

Maybe my beliefs are all illusion
Created by my mind just for a crutch
Doubt creeps in to make it’s reintrusion
And sweeps away the faith I need so much

(Keith Green)

Losing Our Way

July 14th, 2010

I’ve given my life to the One and am following his ways,
I’ve made a promise to serve him all of my days.
I’m convinced nothing can take me off of his track;
No commandment is so tough it’ll break my back.

No price is so big that I will not pay,
And every day I’ll read the Bible and pray.
Yet somewhere in between Heaven and Earth,
A selfish nature has made its birth.

Somehow I’ve found the line that I won’t cross;
I’ve discovered a ransom which saves an Earthly loss.
How did I ever let myself slip away?
At what stage did I lose sight of his perfect way?

How do I get back on the straight and narrow track?
Am I really willing to pay the slack?
Will my friends still be there if I re-claim my beliefs?
Or will knowingly carrying on in sin give me more relief?

I’ve made up my mind; there was no need for hesitation.
I’ll tell my friends with affirmation,
My relationship with God is worth far more,
Than their worldly ways which are relatively poor.

I don’t understand why I’m still taken back by He,
For I deserve to be burnt with justice’s heat.
But I guess that’s why he is God and I remain a blessed sinner,
And the distance between here and Heaven is getting thinner.

Ryan Lane 2010

The Right One

July 13th, 2010

I often wonder who the right one is for me, and who will be the one who is able to fulfil all of my needs.
So many have qualities I admire, but there will only be one who I shall fully desire.
I know that I can’t make a habit of giving away my emotions, so that when the time is ripe she will trust my utter devotion.

I understand that I need to be reserved, because then she will always deserve.
The love that we both shall share, as well as the undying care.
Will my future be affected by my past, and will I be worthy of a relationship that lasts?
Should I step back and let His will be done, or will I have to earn the beautiful treasure I will have won?

Looks will capture my eyes and keep my attention on you, but your character is what I will want to pursue.
For appearances are shallow and beauty soon fades, so why base love on someone who only keeps your eyes ablaze?

I’m searching for that special someone who always would, love me continually and tell me I’m understood.
When I meet my soul mate I know it will be better than the finest wine, for the scriptures read ‘a good woman is hard to find’.

But I shall trust her without reserve, and try to return the amount of love I will have received without deserve.
I will give all I am to make her be filled with joy, making sure I praise her every day for no one’s emotions are a toy.

No money will ever be enough to pay, for the wonderful smile I will see every day.
Let her voice alone be a song to my heart, and may I be pained every time we are apart.

Ryan Lane 2010


July 9th, 2010

I just wanted to comment and say that I really enjoyed reading your blog post here. It was very informative and I also dig the way you write! Keep it up and I’ll be back to read more in the future

From Edita

July 4th, 2010

Hi Ryan

I’m very proud of you! You are amazing and clever, I pray God will countinue his work in you!! Every time I read about David in the bible, it reminds me about you. Keep going you, are doing so well!!
One day I would like to to help me write about my story life as you are very good at it.

Comment on the C.S.Lewis quote on Love

July 4th, 2010

Although this topic could be really touchy for most persons, my opinion is the fact that there has being a middle or frequent ground that we all can come across. I do appreciate that youve added relevant and intelligent commentary here even though. Thank you!

The Break Up

July 1st, 2010

Will I ever have enough time and have enough space
So that I can fully recover from visiting that terrible place
Where I am the puppet and she is the master
If only emotions could be healed with a plaster

I need to keep my guard up to protect what emotion is intact
Cos my body is still recovering from being attacked
My head says “let her go”
For all at once she can be my friend and foe

But my heart screams “go after her with all of your might”
Even though she may not be worth the fight
Losing her is my biggest fear
Despite shedding so many a tear

How can I let her out through the door
After all we’ve been through and much more
Insult me and laugh in my face
Cos I will be the one left with pride and grace

I know I can be too intense and show too much emotion
And I seem to be the one who starts the commotion
But it’s because I love you with all of my heart
And I would love nothing more than to track back to the start

But now that we understand each other’s culture
And our friendship can soar like a vulture
You never know we may be right for each other
But my gut feeling is we’re destined for another lover

Ryan Lane 2009


July 1st, 2010

Thanks for an honest and truthful post, the like of which is surprisingly rare and all the more valuable for it. Regards, John.


July 1st, 2010

As a descriptive person, I love explaining things. I also love finding things out so I can describe it to others when asked. However, I can’t describe or find out the definition of normality. What makes someone normal? Is it their looks? But surely everyone looks different, so what features would be classified as normal? And does it not say in the Bible that God made man in his image? So what is God like? And is that impression considered normal?

Our World is a divided one, and one in which “different” people who have mental or physical disabilities are treated differently. Why? Is it due to personality? But yet again, everyone is different.

Nowadays society yearns for unity. It’s all about treating everyone equally. In this area, we’ve come a long way, but still haven’t quite finished the race. But will we ever? Will tomorrow bring forth a day where “different” people won’t feel frustrated or embarrassed because we can’t understand them? Yes, I believe so. Will there come a time when the unspoken tongue will be understood without machinery? Yes, I believe so. There will come the day when true equality will be reached. And at that time, normality will be understood. For me and you, the time is near.

So how and where do we start nearing to understanding normality? Why not try to understand ourselves? After all, we’re the biggest mystery of them all.

Ryan Lane 2008