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Our World

January 15th, 2011

Our World

Our World is a confused place, no true identities and no certain face.
People so afraid of being politically wrong, they’ll sing lyrics on an untrue song.
So many religions, cults and groups, yet just the one truth.
Immorality astounds me, and lack of fulfillment surrounds me.

Searches for false reasoning never ends, sadly too few know how it feels to be cleansed.
Materialism never results in joy, so often our faith is destroyed.
Our World gets richer by the day, and happiness is in continual decay.
So it may seem impossible to find good in human kind; as if God has left us behind.

Sometimes it feels like trying to find a pin in a stack of hay, like distinguishing electric in an acoustic dismay.
But Christians are the light burning brightly, showing God’s love holds us tightly.
Are your actions matching your desires; if self consciousness dampening your own fire?
Is it time that you put aside your fear, and brought light into the darkness right now right here?

Ryan Lane 2011