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September 23rd, 2011

I ain’t drunk or high on anything, except confusion;
Diffusion, decisions, destiny- it’s all a blur;
I can’t concur what it is, but it feels extraordinary;
Contradictory to what nurture tells me I should feel;

Peel away the doubt, fear and questions;
Mention a surge in psychosis and we relate;
Debate, argue-it’s up to you;
Truth is what penetrates my soul, and I know it;

Sit, talk-you wanna know how to get this feeling?
Dealing drugs, getting drunk-it ain’t the answer;
Dance, sing to the One who brings the morning sun;
One name-Jesus-solves the mysteries;

The queries that invade my mind;
I ain’t blind cos he opened my eyes to the beautiful power of peace;
Deceased is worry about life and death and the stuff in between;

I’m clean from the constant sin cycle, and I live life to the full;
Pull me away? That ain’t never gonna happen, ever;
Never do I wanna trade temporary highs for content;
Begin the ascent into eternal glory.

Ryan Lane 2011


September 19th, 2011

King of the heaven and king of the skies, with a heart bigger than any man’s pride.

My trip to hell and back stains my heart, I’m longing for a fresh start.

You’re the only one to reduce me to tears, the only One who I feel safe to admit my fears.

I’m the dark horse who can only be me cos of your grace, the child who longs to keep my eyes on your perfect face.

You’re the only thing constant in a world fixed on change; you’re the only one who gives the orphan a claim.

So many would have got rid of me by now, but you see the sun behind my horizon of cloud.

Even with my hangover from my wrong, you put in my heart a new song.

You know how to penetrate my heart, and how to put love where there was a dart.
Even in my deepest despair, you pull me up out of vanity fair.

And make me realise what a mess I am without you, and how selfishness is not a lifestyle I want to pursue.

You’re the only one who brings me to my knees, you’re the only one who I want to please.

You’ve heard my plea, you’ve heard my cry, knowing you’re my Father is something I can’t deny.

I know I’ll be here again; admitting your way is superior to that of men.

But thank you Abba Father that your love never fails, and my sin is left on the blood stained nails.

Ryan Lane 2011