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Lost & Found (part 2)

November 14th, 2011

You came to me and stood by my side,
I’ve witnessed that supernatural power is the verdict of why anxiety died.

It seemed as though I was on my own and lost forever,
Yet somehow you found me in my inescapable box of stormy weather.

How did you pull me from despair? How is it that on my head you know every hair?

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, even if passionate repetition isn’t fashionable amongst men.

Your awesome power never ceases to amaze, this at times doubtful heart, which has moments of craze.

When I imagine you’ve forgotten me, like I’ve been left behind,
Like you hold my plan but to it I’m purposely blind.

And then, you turn back up out of nowhere, even when I’ve thrown the towel in and don’t even care.

You persistently pursue me; bring me back to my senses for no fee.

Repent, and my sinful ideas of neglect are wiped clean, and never again by my eyes to be seen.

I could write for eternity on this love that never quits, that picks me up and dusts me down when my life is in bits.

This, I will continue to do, for it is my form of worship to you.

But for the time being, I will sum it up by saying: You are God. Thank you for being You.

Ryan Lane 2011

Taking The Plunge

November 14th, 2011

I’m living in comfort, no worries, no stress; but not giving God my very best.
Taking more than I’m willing to give, and not prepared for human nature to die so I may truly live.

Dipping my toe in His work, but not ready to be engulfed in desire to serve.
Fear of failure commitment and time, is easier to swallow than my pride.

Yesterday I devoted myself completely, until I had nothing left to give, and yet my internal scars remain with me until I no longer live.

Mediocrity is my way of protecting myself from future pain, because if my best is not enough, then I don’t have so much to re-gain.

I want to soar on eagles’ wings, but spectating is easier than enduring the stings,
That can come as a price of following the One, and taking up my baton with a heart to run.

But is it not a worthy price, when it can lead a child back to Christ?
Completely transform their lives, and do the same for others despite the strife?

So no more hesitation, no more second thoughts,
Just a sign of strength by letting God run his course.

Ryan Lane 2011