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What have I become

February 29th, 2012

What have I become, but another willingly burnt victim of the Sun?
Choosing religion over relation, and false fact over creation.
Denying my soul it’s will, and leaving its fragments in its view on a sill.
The chalice clean, but my addictions unseen, creating songs without a theme.
The Creator’s most loved bride has its population filled by those who have died whilst alive.
This place could’ve been paradise, but now it’s a resting place for weary eyes.
The young considered too immature, and yet there are no footprints on the immaculate floor.
So where did we go wrong?

Stop, rewind. Now play.

Here we are at the World’s creation, God’s first destination.
The Earth hasn’t been tested or tried, and a baby’s first tear hasn’t been cried.
All is perfect, all is well, and there is no such thing as hell.
Then man came, then mandates, then wars started by debates.
God sacrificed perfection, out of nothing but pure affection.
Towards a sinful race, who believe spontaneous combustions over a distant face.
The same intelligence that proves the Universe, won’t believe the subject of a Biblical verse.
They say Christians are deluded for believing in a Creator, but is it logical for elements to have more power than a delegator?
Atheism disproved, faith improved, and yet still some don’t have a clue,
How blessed we are to be loved by He, who only asks us to bow at His feet.
To say we are His for as long as we live, then eternity to us, He shall give.
It’s simplicity we need to return to, and to let his life be one we pursue.

Ryan Lane 2012