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World War Three

June 2nd, 2013

Born into an age post two world wars,
Decades ago yet the wounds still sore.
Millions killed, not in vain,
Countering a sick man’s desire to see the world in flames.

His own dreams and desires previously unfulfilled,
Using power as an imposition against our wills.
Sick, twisted men have manipulated our fate,
Turned many an individual life into but a date.

Beliefs so far beyond the human capacity,
Imposed behind a chair due to his lack of tenacity.
But that time has gone, a new dawn is here,
Not that we forget, simply let it live in tears.

The cloud of self-righteous men has seemingly passed,
The morning sun of unity has seemingly come at last.
Yet that unity is a war in itself,
Compromising God given belief for the gaining of egotistical wealth.

Not that we should impose against the will of fellow men,
Simply return to a time when objectivity ruled again.
The reason for such Christian division,
Is subjective morality has become the new religion.

We want not to upset our neighbour,
So in face we grin whilst our moral compasses labour.
Not knowing where to turn, whether to smile and bear,
The ever changing views of the World out there.

I see no clear choices, no clear vision,
Simply spontaneous, man-decided, life-changing decisions.
The very unity which, above all, we pursue,
Is in fact creating a greater distance between me and you.

It shan’t be too long before things explode,
The guns that were laid down are already reloaded.
For world war three has already begun,
And its cause has been lack of the One.

The One who told us to love our neighbour,
Yet not worship unity, but its Creator.
It’s raging on the inside, though it has not yet been recognised,
It’s been hidden behind its peaceful disguise.

To love homosexuals, those of other faiths,
But not to let them marry in God’s holy place.
We have been shown the way, the light,
So let’s stop pretending to accept that which we know is not right.
Stand firm, fellow Christians, in the face of adversity,
For all should praise our God despite diversity.

Ryan Lane 2013