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Music Man

November 8th, 2013

The song fades to nothing, its promises lies,
Promises that love, happiness, peace, are mine to find.
As the beat drops, words penetrate my ears,
Love connects with me, whispering my fears.
Feelings are transient, regardless of strength,
Their permanence dependant on the songs length.
Beautiful voices speak, transport next to me,
Regardless of their original century.
Take me to another dimension, atmosphere, world,
Where immortality is the choicest of hunted pearls.
Help me forget, music man,
Help me forget, radio,
Help me forget, juke box,
Help me forget, disc jockey.
Help me forget what imprisons sleep from finding me,
Help me forget when she left, her back all I could see.
Everything I had not enough to quench a thirst,
That somehow found joy in others’ hurt.
That’s why I need you so much, my plug in baby,
You know my insatiable want to turn a no into a maybe.
Music man, you are there when I awake, when I journey to work,
My alone time at lunch, my return from work.
You are my escapology, my miracle cure,
The only drug that has affects that endure.
Sad as I know this way of life has become,
No one can I depend so greatly; no one.

Ryan Lane 2013