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December 23rd, 2013

Pledge allegiance once again, whatever reason befit,
For we stand united in embers derelict.
For Queen and country, for noble cause,
To regain the homeland stolen by Smaug.
Elves, dwarves, man- does it matter?
If we remain divided our enemies needn’t scatter.
For we are weak when our opposition is many,
But join for common good, and we shan’t be defeated by any.
Armour is useless, swords void,
Fighting futile, for we shall be destroyed,
If we do not change our erroneous ways,
Clinging onto the ashes of hurt of yesterday.
Hurt past on from our Fathers’ wars,
Wounds remain salted, exposed, raw.
Let them close, let them heal,
Let honour be your only seal.
Stand up, you creatures of Adam!
Did not unity form the original atom?
Hierarchy, type, and hurt aside,
Though painful swallow your foolish pride.
Set your gaze once again on that prize,
The treasure that settled when you first set eyes.
All this is ours, if we unite as one,
Fight til the death, if not the setting of the Sun.