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Being Filled

January 28th, 2014

We speak of being ‘filled’ with the Holy Spirit; should we not empty our humanity first-not partially, not by half, but totally, completely.

Ryan Lane 2014

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January 24th, 2014

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Prepare my heart

January 17th, 2014

Prepare my heart, Saviour, Father, Lord,

Help me lay aside all vain things I adore,

Rather to fall at Your feet.


You love me as your child,

But hate the sinfulness that defiles,

That ultimately leaves me empty.


The many things that try to intrude,

Claiming to possess everlasting truth,

I leave them at Your alter.


Though their charm be great in strength,

All physical is short in length,

A drop trying to quench thirst.


The thirst placed in my heart,

By Your hands at creation’s start,

To be fulfilled by nothing else.


Than Your whole, magnificent being,

That but a glimpse my eyes are seeing,

Yet more than enough to sustain my awe.


For to live is Christ, to die is gain,

So how can I keep living this way,

Cling to the dust of the ground?


Come, empty me of anything that is not of You,

Create in me a heart anew,

For I need a fresh start.


Each day I fall from grace,

Undeserving to look upon Thy face,

But Your mercies never end.


And so I prepare my heart to meet with You,

The One whose heart I want to pursue,

But who first pursued me at the dawn of time.


Come, meet me in a new way,

Let my race restart on this day,

From now on, your path is where I shall remain.

Ryan Lane 2014