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Lonely Star

November 12th, 2014

 Lonely star, I see you there,

Observer from afar; does anyone care?

No one knows, no one feels the way you do,

Won’t let it show, no one knows what you’ve been through.


Been to hell, experienced the worst of the world,

Truly fell for the beauty of gold and girls.

Life wasn’t quite what you thought it’d be,

Lights not as bright, nothing left in which to believe.


The result is clear, if only to my eyes,

Overrun by fear, wondering if there is anything but lies.

Your light is dim, ever heading towards the dark,

Optimism wearing thin, disappointment leaves its mark.


But you’re not done yet, not completely given over,

Wipe away those tears, wait for spring, my clover.

These ashes can be reformed, shattered pieces un-broken,

Life in the aftermath of the storm, the gambler’s last token.


So lay your weary head in these enveloping arms,

I know all that’s been said and done to cause this harm.

I’ve cried with you every time a new scar would appear,

I’ll make all things new, cast light on your dark fear.


Lonely star, don’t give in, for a new dawn is here,

A time for new beginnings, wiping away every tear.

For here is life, love, in its everlasting affection,

Nothing remains but unending, unabated perfection.


Ryan Lane 2014