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I’ll Wait

January 7th, 2015

I will wait upon You all my days, to be filled by Your vine.

To know the sweetness of undeserved grace, of love divine.

Only of Your cup shall I drink,

In none but the sea of grace shall I sink.


This love is simple yet much to comprehend,

The Creator also the Lamb sent.

Tis no other way but to fear Your hand,

To give all You have given me, for nothing is mine to have.


Still waters run deep, but only Yours are forever,

Make the servant the master, the unwise clever.

That you would bear my cross breaks me every day,

For each and every soul, lest the devastation of hell fade.


Come, nourish me for all my days,

There is no fulfilment apart from Your ways.

No other do I so thirst for,

Never do I need ask for more.


You are the water of life,

Filling me from the inside,

Until I burst with Your glory,

Your Spirit’s out pouring.


An all sufficient source,

Making me burst forth,

Telling of Your might,

Your power my sight.


As I believe in You, so come the flowing waters,

Whosoever believes in You, is Your Son, Your daughter.

As I drink from You, I become a spring,

A well of eternity, completeness that You alone bring.


Ryan Lane 2015