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September 13th, 2015

Change is happening all around me,

An ever flowing river, constant and surrounding as the sea,

Change or get left behind,

Change or get accused of a closed mind.


Change in itself has become the ultimate goal,

Neglecting the change’s effect on the soul,

You see when we change we are still the same,

Gender, sexuality, religion, name.


It’s all the same, just a mask for the same game.

Changing anything is the religion we proclaim,

But what ever happened to proclaiming Jesus’ name?

From the mountain, in the valley, in your place of work,

In the places of darkness, sadness, loneliness, hurt.


See Jesus was there at creation, there at man’s first fall,

With Noah, Abraham, Saul, the best and worst of them all,

He was there to take away the sin of the world,

He will be there for the church, His bride, His pearl.


When all this comes to an end,

It will start with the Messiah that God sent,

He’ll come with trumpet sound,

He’ll be there on the quaking ground.


See Jesus is the Alpha and the omega, he doesn’t change,

It is us who need to be formed into the likeness of He who does not change!

When we change without knowing in to what image we are becoming,

We all just become deaf and blind, taking a drug from which we become numb.


The only change us and others should see is the body being sanctified,

Afresh, anew, leaving our old selves at the place where Jesus died.

It hurts, growing pains, changing happening again and again,

Being sanded back, refined, purified, the most beautiful pain.


He is the beginning, and the end, and everything in between,

He is the One through whom we are truly clean.

Messiah, Saviour, but most importantly, Lord,

The One who said no to the sword,

For His word is sharper, cuts to the core of everything and everyone,

Change is here to stay, but as for me, it is in conformation to the Son.