July 1st, 2010

As a descriptive person, I love explaining things. I also love finding things out so I can describe it to others when asked. However, I can’t describe or find out the definition of normality. What makes someone normal? Is it their looks? But surely everyone looks different, so what features would be classified as normal? And does it not say in the Bible that God made man in his image? So what is God like? And is that impression considered normal?

Our World is a divided one, and one in which “different” people who have mental or physical disabilities are treated differently. Why? Is it due to personality? But yet again, everyone is different.

Nowadays society yearns for unity. It’s all about treating everyone equally. In this area, we’ve come a long way, but still haven’t quite finished the race. But will we ever? Will tomorrow bring forth a day where “different” people won’t feel frustrated or embarrassed because we can’t understand them? Yes, I believe so. Will there come a time when the unspoken tongue will be understood without machinery? Yes, I believe so. There will come the day when true equality will be reached. And at that time, normality will be understood. For me and you, the time is near.

So how and where do we start nearing to understanding normality? Why not try to understand ourselves? After all, we’re the biggest mystery of them all.

Ryan Lane 2008

8 Responses to “Normality”

  1. Sally says:

    maybe normality is diifference? God would not have created clones, he would enjoy us all being different :O) each of us taking on a different aspect of his divineness and creativity. My children are like me but they are different, yet I see traits of me in them. I raised them, there is a lot of the ‘nature/Nuture there too and yet, they are ‘different’ to me, and as Mom, I kinda like that :O) the difference.

    what would this world be like if we were all the same? one million trillion of me, i would go insane! LOL

    now equality is another matter :O)
    equality for being different, I like that world. I want to be there :O) I am sure, I and miliions of others too.

    Equality begins with accepting difference, and if difference is normailty….. where will it take us? somewhere good I feel.

    your words inspire a debate, my young freind :O) and they are also asking many questions :O)

    I would not be surprised if I am not the only one who attempts to answer this ‘not so unusual’ queston for you :O)

    every blessing.. keep the writings going, you will go far :O)
    you should be a reporter – of a deeper kind, like those reporting back foreign affairs. well done Ryan xx

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  6. Lai says:

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  7. Anibal says:

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  8. Arlen says:

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