The Right One

July 13th, 2010

I often wonder who the right one is for me, and who will be the one who is able to fulfil all of my needs.
So many have qualities I admire, but there will only be one who I shall fully desire.
I know that I can’t make a habit of giving away my emotions, so that when the time is ripe she will trust my utter devotion.

I understand that I need to be reserved, because then she will always deserve.
The love that we both shall share, as well as the undying care.
Will my future be affected by my past, and will I be worthy of a relationship that lasts?
Should I step back and let His will be done, or will I have to earn the beautiful treasure I will have won?

Looks will capture my eyes and keep my attention on you, but your character is what I will want to pursue.
For appearances are shallow and beauty soon fades, so why base love on someone who only keeps your eyes ablaze?

I’m searching for that special someone who always would, love me continually and tell me I’m understood.
When I meet my soul mate I know it will be better than the finest wine, for the scriptures read ‘a good woman is hard to find’.

But I shall trust her without reserve, and try to return the amount of love I will have received without deserve.
I will give all I am to make her be filled with joy, making sure I praise her every day for no one’s emotions are a toy.

No money will ever be enough to pay, for the wonderful smile I will see every day.
Let her voice alone be a song to my heart, and may I be pained every time we are apart.

Ryan Lane 2010

2 Responses to “The Right One”

  1. Grisel says:

    I like this, it is wonderful poetry for a teenager! You are an extraordinary boy! God bless you! I am sure you will find your soulmate, the right one! Wishing you a big success!

  2. angela dixon says:

    Hi Ryan , loved reading your poem . The words really touched my heart ( shed a tear) . Young or old ,thats the kind of love we hope to find . Bless you :))

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