Look inside yourself

August 16th, 2010

Look Inside Yourself

Look inside yourself, tell me what you see
Is it troubled waters or an opportunity?
For God to take control and to prove his might again,
Or is self pride the real root of your pain?
What is it really about; your ego or him?
Who is the real cause, that your light seems so dim?
What’s your main priority?
Is it God or personal glory?
Is He in your daily life or are you missing your role in his story?

At times life proves difficult and impossibility appears to be nigh,
Gone is the hour when you first believed so now you think all you can do is sigh,
But do not ever forget whose child you really are,
Don’t let anyone tell you that your problems stretch too far.
Praying is the art of worship so do it in troubled times,
Because God will always take you back and on the mountain of life you can continue to climb.
Ryan Lane 2009

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