Can you imagine

August 16th, 2010

Can You Imagine?

Can you imagine trying to work out wrong and right,

When it used to be as clear as black and white?

Can you imagine trying to separate your heart from your head,

When before you met that special someone, it was easier to know which one lead?

Can you imagine trying to work out who’s your real God,

When before you met her, it was like the difference between a shake and a nod?

Can you imagine trying to know when to be truthful and when to flatter,

When before she came along, you weren’t interested and girls didn’t even matter?

Can you imagine trying to keep the promise to respect your parents’ wishes,

But now every moment of the day you long to caress her with kisses?

Can you imagine trying to abide by the rules of your parents’ and your Saviour,

While imagining that by ignoring them life would have more flavour?

Can you imagine knowing God’s calling on your life,

But at so many times not being sure whether you can deal with the strife?

Can you imagine thinking you didn’t care what they’d say,

That you were tough enough to learn the hard way?

Can you imagine every time ending up on your hands and knees crying,

And feeling ridiculous for thinking that God didn’t know when you were lying?

Can you imagine not knowing why God always takes you back,

And knowing you should be paying with every bit of slack?

Can you imagine planning out your own future and listening what God had to say,

But over a short period of time like a wind those plans swept away?

Can you imagine thinking that the feelings you feel inside,

Are much too big for a person your age and size?

Can you imagine wondering who your future is with,

Not being sure if she is the one, even if you have all your heart to give?

Can you imagine not knowing why these feelings occur,

But being so sure that your words belong to her?

Can you imagine always having self-control,

But she’s the one who revives your Soul and makes you feel whole?

I’ve made up my mind, and while I like her, God should always come first,

Because it’s God only that can really quench my thirst,

I’ll put my future into his hands, for he knows his plan,

And he shall shape me into being a man.

Ryan Lane 2008

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