Different Characters

June 5th, 2011

You will come across many different characters in this life;
Some don’t care but some have to be right.
Others catch a wave and are content to stay on that one,
But others look for a new opportunity once it has been done.

Some are 100% driven by their goal,
So other things go as unnoticed as a clock’s toll.
But others drop their duty as soon as a distraction comes along.
They don’t seem to care if it’s right or wrong.

You find those who are just happy to go with the flow,
Whereas the opposite aren’t content with ‘just so’.
Despite the differences we share;
Whether it be our calling or how much stress we can bear.

We must understand and work with each other’s differences,
For we are all under the mercy of God’s deliverance.
How boring would our World be,
If we only had one way that we could see.

It is true that we can become stressed by our different ways,
But that holds no importance in comparison to being a servant who obeys.

Ryan Lane 2010

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