August 5th, 2011

Diverse talent, many shapes, all to help create a kingdom culture here on Earth.

Don’t listen to what the World says you’re worth.

Don’t be fooled into thinking the World compares,
for their joy is never eternal.

You came from Him and so does your gift; His DNA runs through your veins.

So don’t shy away from being yourself, because no one else can fulfill your calling.

It took me a while to realise mine, and not everyone shares my view.

Whether on stage or not, it doesn’t make a difference; all He wants is a trust and heart for Him.

I’ve been blessed to be published around the World; I’ve been blessed to meet some of my inspirations.

But that comes from daily decisions, which aren’t always easy.

There is always a storm before the calm.

But no Godly choice goes unnoticed.

So, it’s time we all stepped up to our calling.

Maybe I was in the place that life finds you, unsure of what things to pursue.

The euphoria that runs to my core, only comes from doing what I was made for.

Maybe you didn’t think poetry could be blunt, and maybe you didn’t think Church could be fun.

Yet here you sit not knowing where to turn, not knowing how to use this passion that burns.

My very being longs to do what my appearance wouldn’t show; what is your gift? You may not even know.

But nothing is too big or small, to be a brick in God’s wall

Against the doubt and fear that surrounds each of us, but when one day our bodies turn to dust.

Then what will you be left with at the end of your life? Can you truly say your selfish nature died?

A light is never created to be hidden, and this wave of talent is made to be ridden.

That’s all I have today; but God always has something more to say.

Seek him who made you, and the King will reveal what to pursue, and what of you he will choose to use.

Ryan Lane 2011

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