September 23rd, 2011

I ain’t drunk or high on anything, except confusion;
Diffusion, decisions, destiny- it’s all a blur;
I can’t concur what it is, but it feels extraordinary;
Contradictory to what nurture tells me I should feel;

Peel away the doubt, fear and questions;
Mention a surge in psychosis and we relate;
Debate, argue-it’s up to you;
Truth is what penetrates my soul, and I know it;

Sit, talk-you wanna know how to get this feeling?
Dealing drugs, getting drunk-it ain’t the answer;
Dance, sing to the One who brings the morning sun;
One name-Jesus-solves the mysteries;

The queries that invade my mind;
I ain’t blind cos he opened my eyes to the beautiful power of peace;
Deceased is worry about life and death and the stuff in between;

I’m clean from the constant sin cycle, and I live life to the full;
Pull me away? That ain’t never gonna happen, ever;
Never do I wanna trade temporary highs for content;
Begin the ascent into eternal glory.

Ryan Lane 2011

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