Lost and Found (Part 1)

December 11th, 2011

When I was a youngster, with no cares in the World,
I only lived for fun and to be my Mother’s pearl.

No responsibilities, no jobs to do,
I’d make company with anyone; I didn’t care who.

Free time wasn’t such a rare pleasure; how much I long to return to those times can’t be measured.

Nowadays I don’t know peace,
I feel like I’m starving while everyone else is at a feast,

I’ve turned up late still expecting to get the best seat; I’m unplugged but I still wanna experience the beat.

Living, loving, always learning;
My inability to do these is rather concerning.

I simply don’t know where I stand anymore,
Although I’m knocking, I’m fearful of going through the door.

My OCD, my fears, my tears,
Have made me forget what I hold dear.

Have I lost vision in order to get ahead in life’s race,
But I’m not even keeping up with the pace?

I’m just lost; lost for words, lost for reason,
I’m not mechanically built to last this season.

I can’t remember what set my World on fire,
What kept me awake at night and kindled my desire.

Shepherd and Father, your lamb is lost and doesn’t even know where to turn. Help.

Ryan Lane 2011

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