June 30th, 2012

I repent, Lord, for I realize the error of my ways,
Despite recognition before my sinful tendencies want to stay.
So although this repentance is one of many that have been and shall come,
The willingness my old self has to back track never ceases to stun.

My safety nets have torn, my wonderwall collapsed,
Yesterday’s redemption fades away as my addictions relapse.
There are times when my resistance fails and seems weakened for the next attack,
But maybe I’m realizing your supernatural power is what I lack.

When focused on you with my eye on the goal,
I excel, everything is well, and I feel whole.
It is only when my eyes divert and my ears deter,
From the wise counsel and sense of Your word.

O’ Lord, create in me a clean heart.
I probably have a record for the most false starts.
But oh Lord I am a sinful man for being blind despite being given sight,
For questioning the morals I know to be right.

My vision seems clouded, so let the Sun penetrate through,
Provide for me manna when I try to supply my own food.
I need not your superior knowledge to recognize my short comings,
I need not to be told I have no sensation when I feel numbing.

I need someone to hear my prayers and give me wise instruction,
I need supernatural intervention before I become my own destruction.
I need You, O’ Lord,
I need You, and nothing more.

Ryan Lane 2012

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