Lay Down

November 17th, 2012

I lay everything at the foot of the cross, Your deathbed of glory.
My past thanks for the Sun, as well as the hurting tears of fury.
The times I glorified Your will, the times I questioned how such majesty could hurt;
Each time you witnessed my fluttering emotions, followed by words that were hollow or curt.

You knew each time I cursed Your loving ways,
You knew that I’d be back adoring and longing for Your saving grace.
She is my Christmas gift that shall last me all my years;
She is the penetrating sound falling on deaf ears.

So now my past is lain at Your feet, as a reminder of love divine;
Now I lay the untrodden path of the future, whose present of discovery is mine.
I lay my calling of servitude, glorifying the name of You;
I lay down my job, my career; being a light where you place me in the hemisphere.

I lay down my children, my grandchildren and generations furthermore; Lord I pray that You will be the one they know nearly and adore.
And I lay down the topic which is on my mind constantly; I know the day is not too far away when I receive the gift I pursue fervently.

I lay down my wife, whoever she may be; may we love You more than anything beyond the Earth and Sea.
All of these things I give You, for they are Yours truly; but I thank You that they’ll come to me duly.

Ryan Lane 2012

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    hello!,I love your writing so very much!

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