Thou art mine perfect love

December 10th, 2012

Thou art mine perfect love, with me night and day,
Embracing me in the harvest, protecting from the waves.
Thou were there long ago, ere the Universe was made,
Thinking of me, my life, that will help the World be saved.

I’ve loved Thou with my whole heart, since Thou camest to me,
Became flesh in my life, became a light for all to see.
Now and forever, I call Thou my own,
Esteemed highest in my heart, on the most majestic of thrones.

Thou art the sweetest voice, sing to my soul,
Making me come alive, making my service whole.
Thou art my honour, my sword and my shield,
Blade in my dagger, medicine by which I’m healed.

Thou art my cathedral, my place of true praise,
Thy heart is my true home, now and always.
Thou art my ship’s sails, guiding me home,
There at the finish line, companion when I’m alone.

Thou art my anthem, Thy Word the melody,
Beating in time with mine heart, my covenant, my decree.
As I awake in the morning, or lay to rest at night,
Thou art my sweetest dreams, Thou art my sight.

Ryan Lane 2012

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