The Daily Battle

January 14th, 2013

Morning prayer time is done, my soul is clean,
My eyes set ahead, forgetting what I’ve seen.
A unique calling I have, not like my peers,
Ploughing for the summers ahead, while others create their own regrettable years.

Walking out the door, I feel fallen from grace,
In the sky’s clouds of sin I can barely make out Your face.
It seems we’ve taken You for granted for too long,
And soon You’ll run out of mercy for our un-repented wrongs.

The battle You fought, Lord, was harder than mine;
You entered the city of sin, knowing for it, You would die.
Not in vain, but for the sin they laughed at;
Undoubtedly it was worthwhile, for on the throne You are now sat.

But, Lord, I need renewal of strength from You;
In a World of sin and lies, I need Your truth.
I keep fighting the battle, and yet my comrades seem fewer,
For they cannot resist the World’s lure.

I never doubt that You are the way,
For one of Your words is more than the endless chatter they say.
My armour is strengthened by the war I’m in,
And I know that despite momentary faltering, we will ultimately win.

Renew my faith in You when my weakness invades;
Not only is it more tiresome working without You, but it is in vain.
Drunkenness; faded memories; worthless sex- it’s not for me.
One Earth; one wife; one life; living for the Kingdom- that’s the way for me.

Ryan Lane 2013

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