Lean Not On Your Own Understanding

March 17th, 2013

Such a sweet moment it was when I came to realise,
That the future will not be decided by the conception of my mind’s eye.

Though my mind be sharp and quick, better than it has ever been,
Though it will continue to develop, investigating areas unseen.

Though I am witness to a time of greatness, with intellect refined,
Not all of man’s best efforts, even if combined,
None could surpass, nor come marginally close to, the Almighty One,
The Father of Science, the former of the cosmos, the subject of all Theology, the artist of the stars and Sun.

For He is the former of those whose intellect is admired,
He instilled discontent with reasonless acceptance, He lit the match of passion’s burning fire.

Therefore who am I, great though I think I may be,
Who am I to try and predict the future, when even the day I die is known by He?

How well I rest knowing He is in heaven, anticipating blessings to come,
Barely containing His excitement when He provides the blessings He’s always promised, preparing His angels for when I feel glum.

So surely it makes sense to let go, let God be who He is,
Fight feelings of self-greatness, knowing that there is no greatness other than His.

Ryan Lane 2013

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