Undeserved Favour

April 23rd, 2010

I shall spend my life trying to comprehend,
That somewhere out there is a kind of love.
It’s mercy stretches so far there’s no end,
Surely it can only have come from God above.

So many times have I fallen short,
Yet you accept me every time and again.
To man this kind of love can only be taught,
Yet the merciful one could produce tears from all men.

It’s a type of favour that is so undeserved,
No Earthly treasure can quite compare.
Why is it that we often have our forgiveness reserved,
Yet we are forgiven each time we make God’s heart tear?

I am the king of sinners; I make His heart break so many times,
So why use me in His perfect story?
He could do it without me; it can’t be denied,
Nonetheless he wants to give me a share of His glory.

When I rest on my knees, guilty as charged, knowing there’s nothing I can do,
Regret overwhelms me due to the foolish paths I chose.
If I told you how much shame I felt, you still wouldn’t have a clue,
How much I wish I could have made the right choice when that decision arose.

But unjustly I am now free from the guilt within,
For a reason beyond understanding, my Father has bailed me out.
No payback is required; just the repentance of my sins,
Unfortunately I know I will call on his everlasting love, without a doubt.

I know He sent his Son who was without sin or shame,
To be the human race’s saviour.
Through dying on the cross all of our sins are claimed,
And wiped clean through the undeserved favour.
Ryan Lane 2010

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  1. vicky says:

    RYAN, THIS IS SO GOOD. seriously man, i love your stuff. x

  2. Name unknown says:

    But i want to tell that this ryanlanewriter.com is extremely helpful, Thanks for taking your time to write this.

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