About Me

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Hi, I’m Ryan, a 19 year old writer with a passion for God.  At 20 my journey in life is just beginning. I am currently studying for a degree in Theology, which I am thoroughly enjoying.

I have found my real relationship with God, where I can talk to Him and sense His guidance for me. It’s often been during those times that I find the words and ideas for my best writing come.

My  style is up front and honest, as that is how I am in person. I don’t like fluffy or cheesy words. I also try to reflect the fact that I don’t have it altogether, and that I mess up most days.

My aim is to write about everyday issues that we all face. I write mainly for young people my age, but I have found that other generations seem to like what I write about as well.

But my hope is that you might find a thought or some words that you can take away to help you with your faith, or just help you through your day.

God Bless,


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