Prepare my heart

January 17th, 2014

Prepare my heart, Saviour, Father, Lord,

Help me lay aside all vain things I adore,

Rather to fall at Your feet.


You love me as your child,

But hate the sinfulness that defiles,

That ultimately leaves me empty.


The many things that try to intrude,

Claiming to possess everlasting truth,

I leave them at Your alter.


Though their charm be great in strength,

All physical is short in length,

A drop trying to quench thirst.


The thirst placed in my heart,

By Your hands at creation’s start,

To be fulfilled by nothing else.


Than Your whole, magnificent being,

That but a glimpse my eyes are seeing,

Yet more than enough to sustain my awe.


For to live is Christ, to die is gain,

So how can I keep living this way,

Cling to the dust of the ground?


Come, empty me of anything that is not of You,

Create in me a heart anew,

For I need a fresh start.


Each day I fall from grace,

Undeserving to look upon Thy face,

But Your mercies never end.


And so I prepare my heart to meet with You,

The One whose heart I want to pursue,

But who first pursued me at the dawn of time.


Come, meet me in a new way,

Let my race restart on this day,

From now on, your path is where I shall remain.

Ryan Lane 2014


December 23rd, 2013

Pledge allegiance once again, whatever reason befit,
For we stand united in embers derelict.
For Queen and country, for noble cause,
To regain the homeland stolen by Smaug.
Elves, dwarves, man- does it matter?
If we remain divided our enemies needn’t scatter.
For we are weak when our opposition is many,
But join for common good, and we shan’t be defeated by any.
Armour is useless, swords void,
Fighting futile, for we shall be destroyed,
If we do not change our erroneous ways,
Clinging onto the ashes of hurt of yesterday.
Hurt past on from our Fathers’ wars,
Wounds remain salted, exposed, raw.
Let them close, let them heal,
Let honour be your only seal.
Stand up, you creatures of Adam!
Did not unity form the original atom?
Hierarchy, type, and hurt aside,
Though painful swallow your foolish pride.
Set your gaze once again on that prize,
The treasure that settled when you first set eyes.
All this is ours, if we unite as one,
Fight til the death, if not the setting of the Sun.

Music Man

November 8th, 2013

The song fades to nothing, its promises lies,
Promises that love, happiness, peace, are mine to find.
As the beat drops, words penetrate my ears,
Love connects with me, whispering my fears.
Feelings are transient, regardless of strength,
Their permanence dependant on the songs length.
Beautiful voices speak, transport next to me,
Regardless of their original century.
Take me to another dimension, atmosphere, world,
Where immortality is the choicest of hunted pearls.
Help me forget, music man,
Help me forget, radio,
Help me forget, juke box,
Help me forget, disc jockey.
Help me forget what imprisons sleep from finding me,
Help me forget when she left, her back all I could see.
Everything I had not enough to quench a thirst,
That somehow found joy in others’ hurt.
That’s why I need you so much, my plug in baby,
You know my insatiable want to turn a no into a maybe.
Music man, you are there when I awake, when I journey to work,
My alone time at lunch, my return from work.
You are my escapology, my miracle cure,
The only drug that has affects that endure.
Sad as I know this way of life has become,
No one can I depend so greatly; no one.

Ryan Lane 2013

World War Three

June 2nd, 2013

Born into an age post two world wars,
Decades ago yet the wounds still sore.
Millions killed, not in vain,
Countering a sick man’s desire to see the world in flames.

His own dreams and desires previously unfulfilled,
Using power as an imposition against our wills.
Sick, twisted men have manipulated our fate,
Turned many an individual life into but a date.

Beliefs so far beyond the human capacity,
Imposed behind a chair due to his lack of tenacity.
But that time has gone, a new dawn is here,
Not that we forget, simply let it live in tears.

The cloud of self-righteous men has seemingly passed,
The morning sun of unity has seemingly come at last.
Yet that unity is a war in itself,
Compromising God given belief for the gaining of egotistical wealth.

Not that we should impose against the will of fellow men,
Simply return to a time when objectivity ruled again.
The reason for such Christian division,
Is subjective morality has become the new religion.

We want not to upset our neighbour,
So in face we grin whilst our moral compasses labour.
Not knowing where to turn, whether to smile and bear,
The ever changing views of the World out there.

I see no clear choices, no clear vision,
Simply spontaneous, man-decided, life-changing decisions.
The very unity which, above all, we pursue,
Is in fact creating a greater distance between me and you.

It shan’t be too long before things explode,
The guns that were laid down are already reloaded.
For world war three has already begun,
And its cause has been lack of the One.

The One who told us to love our neighbour,
Yet not worship unity, but its Creator.
It’s raging on the inside, though it has not yet been recognised,
It’s been hidden behind its peaceful disguise.

To love homosexuals, those of other faiths,
But not to let them marry in God’s holy place.
We have been shown the way, the light,
So let’s stop pretending to accept that which we know is not right.
Stand firm, fellow Christians, in the face of adversity,
For all should praise our God despite diversity.

Ryan Lane 2013

What a great friend

May 6th, 2013

What a great friend I have in Jesus my Lord,
The reasoning of my faith and one who knows what it is to be abhorred.
The former of the ground on which I stand,
Who knows what a struggle it is to be a man.

I like not to dwell on where I would be,
If it weren’t for the truest friendship of He.
I have seen and tried but some of the World’s sweetness,
And already I know I would be more lonely than ever were it not for meekness.

It is not a failing to admit He is my truest of friends,
For when I see the King at my life’s end,
I know none but He will have understood my struggles so well,
For He have bore my successes as much as the times that I fell.

Ryan Lane 2013


May 6th, 2013

We are what we want not to be, existing only for a way out that we cannot see.
Squeezing our souls, hearts, and mind, towards an ulterior purpose which is yet to be assigned.
Attempting to describe a World in which we do not fit in, an attempt to relate to those who weren’t meant to be akin.

So for some, death hath been, and may be, the only escape; head in the oven, body adorned by water, mouth covered with tape.
Hath been a fate long known to one, that for us nothing is enough, whether it be a night of love or the rising of the morning Sun.
Tis strenuous work to give all within, and yet realise content cannot be found without or within.

The works that are produced to attempt comprehension, simply free the already liberated and leave the artist remaining in his detention.
A detention of self, inescapable after the point in time, where finding acceptance in the World is forbidden by the mind.
Drugs, alcohol, sex- it simply numbs the returning pain, only prolonging the suffering of the brain.

But what is the answer? To stop exercising what the mind produces? Hoping that by doing so, the works will start reducing?
No, for this is not possible for those truly creative; tis like a disease that needs releasing at the peril of the brain, for it is reactive.
We carry on knowing its existence or omission is paradoxically our life and death, a stab in one’s own heart at production and yet to not is to be bereft.
We are what we want not to be, for to be creative is forever know abnormality.

Ryan Lane 2013

Lean Not On Your Own Understanding

March 17th, 2013

Such a sweet moment it was when I came to realise,
That the future will not be decided by the conception of my mind’s eye.

Though my mind be sharp and quick, better than it has ever been,
Though it will continue to develop, investigating areas unseen.

Though I am witness to a time of greatness, with intellect refined,
Not all of man’s best efforts, even if combined,
None could surpass, nor come marginally close to, the Almighty One,
The Father of Science, the former of the cosmos, the subject of all Theology, the artist of the stars and Sun.

For He is the former of those whose intellect is admired,
He instilled discontent with reasonless acceptance, He lit the match of passion’s burning fire.

Therefore who am I, great though I think I may be,
Who am I to try and predict the future, when even the day I die is known by He?

How well I rest knowing He is in heaven, anticipating blessings to come,
Barely containing His excitement when He provides the blessings He’s always promised, preparing His angels for when I feel glum.

So surely it makes sense to let go, let God be who He is,
Fight feelings of self-greatness, knowing that there is no greatness other than His.

Ryan Lane 2013

The Daily Battle

January 14th, 2013

Morning prayer time is done, my soul is clean,
My eyes set ahead, forgetting what I’ve seen.
A unique calling I have, not like my peers,
Ploughing for the summers ahead, while others create their own regrettable years.

Walking out the door, I feel fallen from grace,
In the sky’s clouds of sin I can barely make out Your face.
It seems we’ve taken You for granted for too long,
And soon You’ll run out of mercy for our un-repented wrongs.

The battle You fought, Lord, was harder than mine;
You entered the city of sin, knowing for it, You would die.
Not in vain, but for the sin they laughed at;
Undoubtedly it was worthwhile, for on the throne You are now sat.

But, Lord, I need renewal of strength from You;
In a World of sin and lies, I need Your truth.
I keep fighting the battle, and yet my comrades seem fewer,
For they cannot resist the World’s lure.

I never doubt that You are the way,
For one of Your words is more than the endless chatter they say.
My armour is strengthened by the war I’m in,
And I know that despite momentary faltering, we will ultimately win.

Renew my faith in You when my weakness invades;
Not only is it more tiresome working without You, but it is in vain.
Drunkenness; faded memories; worthless sex- it’s not for me.
One Earth; one wife; one life; living for the Kingdom- that’s the way for me.

Ryan Lane 2013

Thou art mine perfect love

December 10th, 2012

Thou art mine perfect love, with me night and day,
Embracing me in the harvest, protecting from the waves.
Thou were there long ago, ere the Universe was made,
Thinking of me, my life, that will help the World be saved.

I’ve loved Thou with my whole heart, since Thou camest to me,
Became flesh in my life, became a light for all to see.
Now and forever, I call Thou my own,
Esteemed highest in my heart, on the most majestic of thrones.

Thou art the sweetest voice, sing to my soul,
Making me come alive, making my service whole.
Thou art my honour, my sword and my shield,
Blade in my dagger, medicine by which I’m healed.

Thou art my cathedral, my place of true praise,
Thy heart is my true home, now and always.
Thou art my ship’s sails, guiding me home,
There at the finish line, companion when I’m alone.

Thou art my anthem, Thy Word the melody,
Beating in time with mine heart, my covenant, my decree.
As I awake in the morning, or lay to rest at night,
Thou art my sweetest dreams, Thou art my sight.

Ryan Lane 2012

Lay Down

November 17th, 2012

I lay everything at the foot of the cross, Your deathbed of glory.
My past thanks for the Sun, as well as the hurting tears of fury.
The times I glorified Your will, the times I questioned how such majesty could hurt;
Each time you witnessed my fluttering emotions, followed by words that were hollow or curt.

You knew each time I cursed Your loving ways,
You knew that I’d be back adoring and longing for Your saving grace.
She is my Christmas gift that shall last me all my years;
She is the penetrating sound falling on deaf ears.

So now my past is lain at Your feet, as a reminder of love divine;
Now I lay the untrodden path of the future, whose present of discovery is mine.
I lay my calling of servitude, glorifying the name of You;
I lay down my job, my career; being a light where you place me in the hemisphere.

I lay down my children, my grandchildren and generations furthermore; Lord I pray that You will be the one they know nearly and adore.
And I lay down the topic which is on my mind constantly; I know the day is not too far away when I receive the gift I pursue fervently.

I lay down my wife, whoever she may be; may we love You more than anything beyond the Earth and Sea.
All of these things I give You, for they are Yours truly; but I thank You that they’ll come to me duly.

Ryan Lane 2012